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Mobile Application is for Every Business

With smartphones becoming the most frequented passage to the world of the internet, the big corporate houses and ecommerce giants have begun to move their operations to mobile platforms or are already deliberating the manoeuvre. In the mid of May 2015, one of the top fashion portals concluded the final shutdown of its web sales interface and became ‘app-only.’ In the wake of the dramatic increase in the sales transactions through the mobile app, its parent company is also considering a walk down the same path and planning to wind up its web operations in no more than a year. But the benefits of mobile applications are not only reserved to the prominent brands. The mobile trend is catching up even with the small and midsize businesses alike. With the information available to the millions of users at the fingertip, a strong mobile presence is what every business needs today. However, just having a mobile-friendly website is not enough. The mobile applications are the mainstay of an effective mobile strategy. Here are the reasons why your business needs its own mobile application.A web application is the one which is available to the users over the internet through the web pages. The web applications can be accessed from a computer or mobile phone using the popular web browsers. The primary difference between a normal app and web-based app is that the latter does not need to be downloaded and installed on a local machine such as a computer or smartphone. For instance, there are several image editing tools that need to be installed on your local computer before they can be used. On the other hand, you may also have come across many web-based image editing applications available on the website. These tools incorporate almost all the functionalities as a normal desktop application without having to install a local copy on the computer. Web applications provide numerous benefits to the business owners and users.

Increased Visibility to Customers

An average smartphone user spends no less than a few hours on the smartphone device every day. Although very few applications are predominantly used, a mobile app icon does not go completely unnoticed. In order to get to what you are looking for, you need to flip and browse through the menu. While ‘in the passing’ your brand’s mobile app may register in the conscious memory only sometimes, it never fails to make an imprint on the unconscious part of the mind.

The Direct Marketing Medium

Mobile applications are for a number of purposes. From a simple chat service to online bookings, they provide everything. The biggest benefit of mobile apps is that the information you want to provide to your customers is at their easy access. The direct interaction has become all the more convenient with the push notification services of the mobile apps. You simply need to strategically time your updates to remind the customers about your services without spamming them.

Build the Brand Recognition

A mobile app is a perfect tool to create the right kind of brand awareness. Incorporating the features that your customer would love to see will draw them more towards your brand. The increased access to the mobile app will in turn result in higher conversion and will boost your business.

Enhance the Customer Engagement

Access to the instant mode of communication with your company increases customer loyalty. What else could serve the purpose of customer engagement better than a mobile app, which is available to them at their fingertips? Sidestepping the hassles of booting their laptop and opening the web browser to get in touch with you, with a mobile app your customers can interact with your company with a simple tap on their phone.

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Thavertech’s unwavering pursuit for excellence and innovations in mobile application designing has set us apart from the rest. We understand that every business has its unique needs. Therefore, we provide the tailor made mobile solutions that are best suited for your company. At Thavertech we:

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