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The world of internet is full of contents written in several languages. It goes without saying that the most widely used language is English. The role of the search engines is to provide the relevant results matching with the keywords entered by the user. Search engines like Google are capable of providing millions of results based on a single keyword or a set of keywords. Statistically speaking, the first 10 results are the most viewed links of all the results and the 1st result is the most viewed of the 10. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims at placing your website among the top results so that you get the maximum visits.

Earlier, search engines like Google ranked the web pages based solely on the strategic placements of the keywords. However, this resulted in manipulations where it all became the game of keyword placements without adding any value to the users. Thus, Google changed its algorithms to ensure that the top listed results are also most relevant to the users. Therefore, SEO does not only entail cleverly laid out keywords on a web page, it also means having a useful content. Here are some benefits of SEO Services to the businesses.

Increase the Web Traffic

The primary reason why you need Best SEO service is to maximize the traffic to your website. Whether you want to earn the revenue through the advertisements on your site, direct sales through your portal, or build the brand recognition, SEO is the way to go ahead.

  • Direct Sales: Direct sales through the websites rely on the averages. The conversion rate is directly proportional to the number of visits. SEO Company helps in increasing the influx to your website and hence increases the conversion. This means more revenue generation for you.
  • Brand Recognition & Promotion: Brand recognition does not generate the sales directly but it is one of the most effective promotional tools you can use. With increased traffic to your website and the right content on the web pages, you can create the desired brand awareness among the potential customers. This in turn will have a direct impact on their buying decisions.
In Synch with the Latest Google Algorithms

Google’s objective is to increase the page rank of the websites that add more value to the users. The users should be able to find the information they are looking for instead of being flooded by the irrelevant search results manipulated by circumventing the rules. This is the reason why Google came up with a set of algorithms known as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. Here is how good SEO strategies will help you improve the content and page rank.

  • Panda: Panda aims at promoting the high-quality web pages in the page rank and push the low-quality content down to the bottom of the search results. There are certain parameters on which this algorithm checks your website. For instance, if you have ‘thin’ content on the site, it will get a low rank. Thin content means pages with lower number of words. Also, duplicate content copied (or even rephrased) from other websites also gets noticed by Panda.
  • Tip: To ensure that your page ranks higher in the results, create original content that adds value to the readers.
  • Penguin: Aim of Penguin algorithm is to find out the sites which are abusing the benefits offered by backlinking. The algorithm finds out all the websites that have unnaturally or manipulatively used the backlinks in order to increase the page rank.
  • Tip: By creating content with naturally placed links and anchor texts ensures that your site remains trustworthy in Google’s perceptions.
  • Hummingbird: As already mentioned, Google aims at adding value to the users by giving them the best search results. The objective of this algorithm is to understand their search queries better so that most relevant results could be displayed. In simple terms, Google wants t answer users’ questions better.
  • Tip: The best way to get your site and page ranked better is by creating the content which answers the questions of the users.
How We Can Help?

Creating an SEO website is not just about the strategic placement of the keywords for higher search engine rankings. It is also about creating a user friendly website that adds value and enhances your image. Our team of experts is experienced creating SEO websites that draw immediate attention of the target audience. With our services, you can be assured of highest levels of website performance.

  • We help you create websites compliant to Google algorithms so that you could improve page rank.
  • We help you create pages that answer user queries.
  • We help you create pages with natural back-links.
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