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Why Do You Need Web Applications for Your Business?

A web application is the one which is available to the users over the internet through the web pages. The web applications can be accessed from a computer or mobile phone using the popular web browsers. The primary difference between a normal app and web-based app is that the latter does not need to be downloaded and installed on a local machine such as a computer or smartphone. For instance, there are several image editing tools that need to be installed on your local computer before they can be used. On the other hand, you may also have come across many web-based image editing applications available on the website. These tools incorporate almost all the functionalities as a normal desktop application without having to install a local copy on the computer. Web applications provide numerous benefits to the business owners and users.

Cost-effective to Develop

While developing a versatile desktop application, the developers need to customize it according to different operating system platforms. The customization process does not entail simple tweaking of a few codes here and there. There is a whole lot of restructuring that needs to be taken care of. But that is not all. The computer applications need to be tested on different OS platforms before they are ready to be used. The web-based applications are also subjected to tests across the different web browsers. However, all the browsers offer compliance to industry wide standadars and are more or less uniform in nature. Therefore, the testing process is rather easier. The web applications based on FLASH are even simpler to develop and run.

Easy Accessibility

With almost all the computers now plugged-in to the internet, creating web-based applications that meet the desktop apps head-on in terms of functionalities makes all the more sense. The paid desktop applications require license for each machine. If you work on more than one machine, you will end up paying for multiple licenses. On the other hand, even if you are using a paid web based app, you can use it on any computer on one license.

Easy to Update and Customize

A desktop application constantly needs to be updated for any enhancements and upgrades in the functionalities. There is a whole lot of manual work required here. For instance, if you have a computer installed application for which an update is available, you will need to install it manually from the company server. This is not the case with web-based applications. The developers can easily customize the web app. After every customization or update, the user will simply need the webpage refresh or application restart.

Enhanced Interoperability

The web applications are far easier to integrate with the other applications than their isolated, desktop installed counterparts. All the internet applications are based on the web standards making them more interoperable with each other. On the other hand, integrating two isolated desktop applications, based on different standards, is not as easy. The flexibility offered by the web-based applications allows for easy integration of business systems and enhances the work-flow.

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