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What are Backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are a common term no days. Anyone who has ever researched SEO, even if a novice must have been asked a question- What are Backlinks? The irony is most people have been using and referencing this term constantly without even knowing what exactly it is. Backlinks, though the word tells a lot yet needs to be studied in depth. For those who either don’t know about the topic, or wondering what actually is a backlink, then read here. Basically is simply a link that comes from another website and redirects to your website. They are simply like a window to your website and form a network from one site to another.

Why they are important?

Everyone nowadays is talking about Backlinks or using backlinks checker because they are important for SEO and website optimization. They are important enough to help your website rank higher on search engine result pages. The more number of links you have, the higher redirected traffic to your website and ultimately the higher ranks. Higher ranks are an indicator of higher sales and revenues. It is notable that all the search engines are designed to seek the most relevant search results over browsers requests. One of the most common methods to determine the ranking of a website is via the backlinks. These search engines check backlinks and website that host the backlinks have similar content. They believe that if a website redirects to you then you are either relevant or posting worthy content.

Are All Backlinks Equal?

Internet, unlike humans, does not believes or treats all the backlinks as equal and the reason for the same is that it is full of garbage and trash websites that are prone to create thousands of useless links in order to prove that the inbound links from the dummy sites are designed for users ease. In order to restore and get backlinks websites follow malpractices that creates ruckus and degrades the balance of the search results on the Google. The most valuable and worthy backlinks are considered to be those that are valuable, relevant or deemed worthwhile by the search engines. A website actually starts to earn money when people visits it and the backlinks are helping to do the same. If you are using the right free backlinks then you will not believe, but you will start earning within a month of inception of your website. It is an effective SEO technique or tool that if put and utilized in an effective order, has the potential to drive more and quality traffic to your business websites. Some people prefer to invest and buy backlinks to be visible on web. Making an impressive online presence is important if you want to keep and live a long life of web. If you are not well versed with the backlinking tricks or techniques then you can put into effect by finding backlink generators or buy backlinks which is the same to that of building up your own backlinks. Whether you do it by yourself or use the generators, the ultimate goal is to increase the web traffic and for the same, the first step is to ding the beneficial backlinks and know how to rope them.